Australian Icons Series: Amanda Tua's Shark Bay Inspired Hair Look

Artist: Amanda Tua | Model: Holly May

The natural world has always been a great inspiration to artists and at Pulp Riot Australia hairdressers are the artist. We challenged eight Pulp Riot Artists to create hair art inspired by Australian landscapes. The art they have produced has been drawn from unique landscapes across Australia and brought to life by the full range of Pulp Riot Colour. From our Direct Dyes, to our permanent hair colour #Faction8, and the new Liquid Demi range.

Today we're taking you to Western Australia's Shark Bay. The colourful and diverse landscapes, rare flora and fauna and world-class examples of Earth’s ecological processes all contribute to the region being World Heritage listed. Read below to see how Amanda Tua brought to life this rich red colour.

Tell us about yourself, career and professional interests.

I have been hairdressing for 15 years and specialise in colour. I trained at some of Sydney’s top salons and now work for myself as a freelance stylist. I was lucky enough to be named one of Sydney’s Top Colourist’s by Elle and Broadsheet featured me last month as one of Sydney’s Top Salons. I love my job and connecting with people everyday, making them look and feel their best. I love all facets of hair colour and taking clients on a colour journey. The possibilities are endless!

How did you feel about the creative approach to hair colour based on a landmark? More specifically Shark Bay in WA?

I loved the concept of taking inspiration from nature. Often the most surprising but complementary colour combinations can be found in nature. With Shark Bay I wanted to incorporate as many of the subtle colour variations I could see in the red rocks. I loved the richness of the deep reds, and the warmth of the subtle ochre tones. 


Tell us about your hair colouring approach to the look and your vision for it. Please provide as much detail on formulation and technique.

Firstly, I wanted to create a rich red root melt to add depth to the colour as a whole. I applied Faction 8, 5.4 + 6.0 + 30vol to the first 2 inches of the roots, and combed with a wide tooth comb to blend any harsh lines. 

To create a face framing panel of colour, I sectioned out diagonal back panels from the centre of the front hairline to behind the ear. Using Lightener + 6vol, I freehand painted these panels, aiming to lift to a level 9.

For the remainder of the hair, from mid lengths to ends, I applied Faction 8 6.4 + 8.34 + .44 + 10vol to create a vibrant copper base.

Once processed, I rinsed and dried the hair in preparation for Pulp Riot vivid semi permanent colour.

On the pre-lightened panels around the face I wanted to create a Prism effect of 3 different tones: vibrant copper, deep red, and ochre. 

Formula 1: Nuclear 
Formula 2: Countess + drop Noir 
Formula 3: Satire 

Using a Prism Technique, I took 1cm vertical sections, laying the hair away from the face on top of foil, I alternated each formula in 2-inch panels, leaving the last 2cm of the ends out. I lay each section over top of the next and applied the same formula using the same pattern, to create a prism effect.

On the rest of the hair I applied equal parts of Nuclear + Satire to make the base shade even more vibrant.  

Once rinsed, I toned the lighter panels again with Nuclear to blend them into the rest of the hair.

Tell us about your client that you picked for this hair look? Why did you choose her? How did she feel about the hair look?

Holly has amazing eyes and skin and this copper shade really enhances her features. She has been colouring her hair copper for a while, albeit a much more natural version. The vibrancy and intensity of this colour has been a fun change for Holly, lucky for me copper looks so good on her I don’t think I could have gone wrong! 

What do you love most about Pulp Riot products?

The longevity of the vivids and the way they make hair feel even after lightening. It really is revolutionary the way this colour performs. The simplicity of Faction8 and the ability to move from permanent to semi just by changing developers. The quality of the hair after lightening with Blonde AF, it really maintains hair integrity.

What Pulp Riot shade and colour family would you love to colour with next?

I’m so excited to try their new Liquid Demi range!  

What hair trends are you loving right now?

I love the fact that hair colour as a whole has become more experimental. Clients are embracing pastels and Vivid tones more than ever and aren’t afraid to experiment with new shades. There really is a shift of individualism that’s happening and people aren’t afraid to show off their unique style. It’s a great time to be a colourist.

See more of Amanda's work at @amandatua_hair

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