Australian Icons Series: Bella Osborn's Great Barrier Reef Inspired Hair Look

Artist: Isabella Osborn | Model: Emily Kershaw

The natural world has always been a great inspiration to artists and at Pulp Riot Australia, that's what hairdressers are. The artist. We challenged eight Pulp Riot Artists to create hair art inspired by Australian landscapes. The art they have produced has been drawn from unique landscapes across Australia and brought to life by the full range of Pulp Riot Colour. From our Direct Dyes, to our permanent hair colour #Faction8, and the new Liquid Demi range.

Today we're taking you to The Great Barrier Reef in northern Queensland. It is the worlds largest coral reef system made up of over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays. It's so large that it can been from outer space. Continue reading to see how Bella brought this landscape to life through hair colour.

Tell us about yourself, career and professional interests.

My name is Isabella Osborn. I grew up in a little coastal seaside town on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. I moved to Sydney five years ago to kick start my career in the big smoke and haven't looked back since.

Since completing my apprenticeship around a year and a half ago, I have been working as a senior on the floor and have been fortunate enough to have experienced many incredible opportunities in such a small time frame; all of which have assisted in refining my skills and evolving my confidence in the industry. I have always been quite the creative with a particular interest in hair and fashion.

There is no greater feeling then being able to make someone else feel beautiful which is why I have such a deep passion for hairdressing. It is such a creative art form and I love being able to express myself through so many different styles and colours – on a personal level it truly allows for me to be who I want to be and push my creativity each day. 

How did you feel about the creative approach to hair colour based on a landmark? More specifically the Great Barrier Reef in QLD?

I was so thrilled to be given this opportunity particularly because The Great Barrier Reef holds such a special place in my heart. I have been lucky enough to make many precious memories with my family whilst growing up and being the Queensland water baby that I am, it's by far one of my favourite holiday destinations. To be able to express the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef through hair was truly a special project to experience and be challenged on.

Tell us about your hair colouring approach to the look and your vision for it. Please provide as much detail on formulation and technique.

For the models hair, I began with bleaching it to achieve a light yellow colour so I had a clean service to work with. For this look, I wanted to channel the effect of the ocean by utilising different hues of blue. For the light blue hue, I used Blue Muse, Clear and a dot of Aquatic. From here, to achieve the middle turquoise colour of the ocean I used Aquatic and then Decoy, Blue Muse and Nightfall to replicate the dark blue hue that the ocean portrays. For total execution, my vision included the photographer capturing the hair in a way that looked like a wave.

Tell us about your client that you picked for this hair look? Why did you choose her? How did she feel about the hair look?

Not only did my model have beautiful, healthy and luscious hair, which is what I needed to showcase my vision, but her features and complexion were complimented by the colour blue and vice versa.

What do you love most about Pulp Riot products?

I love how versatile the colour range is and how bright the colour range goes. There really is a colour for every type of client. I also love the fact that I can mix colours together to make my very own colour which allows me to feel individual when I'm doing my own hair with Pulp Riot products.

What Pulp Riot shade and colour family would you love to colour with next?

I have just started using the new Liquid Demi range which I am loving!

What hair trends are you loving right now?

I love contrast at the moment! I admire that the '90s trends are so in right now I get to have so much fun with hair through bleach slices and chunky dimensional colours.

See more of Bella's work at @bella.ddcohair

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