Australian Icons Series: Tamara Tyndall's Lake Hillier Inspired Hair Look

Artist: Tamara Tyndell | Model: Katt Mcintosh

The natural world has always been a great inspiration to artists and at Pulp Riot Australia, that's what hairdressers are. The artist. We challenged eight Pulp Riot Artists to create hair art inspired by Australian landscapes. The art they have produced has been drawn from unique landscapes across Australia and brought to life by the full range of Pulp Riot Colour. From our Direct Dyes, to our permanent hair colour #Faction8, and the new Liquid Demi range.

Today we're taking you to Lake Hillier located in Western Australia. 600 metres in length, the lake delights your eye with its striking pink colour. Unlike other pink lakes around the world, its water is still distinctively pink even when it is in a glass. Continue reading to see how Tamara brought this landscape to life through hair colour.

Tell us about yourself, career and professional interests.

Hi! I’m Tamara and I’ve been hairdressing for 15 years (where does the time go!). I did my apprenticeship in a small beach town and I always had a passion for vibrant hair and vintage styles. I moved to Brisbane 7 years ago and I’ve worked in some amazing salons but I now work for myself and I’ve really been able to build a vivid hair clientele which is my true love! The brighter, the better! I also have a passion for the 1940s and 50s so I do still love creating vintage hair waves and styles but I also really enjoy learning new techniques and I think you can never stop learning!

How did you feel about the creative approach to hair colour based on a landmark? More specifically Lake Hillier in WA?

I think it’s been great to tie in the amazing colours from these landmarks to hair colour! It’s been such a tough year so to showcase how beautiful and special these landmarks are in right here at home in Australia has been awesome.

Tell us about your hair colouring approach to the look and your vision for it. Please provide as much detail on formulation and technique.

I wanted to create a clean split of the colours to give as much contrast as I could. My client has cute bangs so I thought that half and half hair would work really well and represent the colours of the landmark perfectly.

  1. I began with a scalp lighten using Lightener and 20vol. We also had a little bit of old colour left over so I removed with Blank Canvas and 6vol which is MAGIC.
  2. I then washed the lightener off (shampoo only, no conditioner) and I dried the hair 100% dry. I created the rosey pink side first using Faction 8 Booster -55 and 6vol which processed for 20 minutes.
  3. I took her back to the basin and applied Icy High Speed Toner to the other half with 6vol for approximately 5 minutes. I then carefully rinsed with cold water so the colours did not bleed and then applied conditioner.

Tell us about your client that you picked for this hair look? Why did you choose her? How did she feel about the hair look?

I’m lucky that most of my clients have vibrant hair colours and are up for anything so I thought this client would be perfect as we’ve done half split hair on her before. I also love that she has a cute bob and fringe and thought it would work well with the pink and blonde. She loved it! I think it will now be her signature look.

What do you love most about Pulp Riot products?

Because I do a lot of bright hair colour, I need something that has great longevity and true to tone. Pulp Riot lasts so well for my clients and it makes the hair feel amazing. You can be as creative as you want as all the colours are able to be mixed together too. It also fades so beautifully! I love that my clients hair still looks great when they come back for a retouch.

What Pulp Riot shade and colour family would you love to colour with next?

I would love to colour with the new NeoPop colours! Such beautiful blues and the new Nuclear firey orange looks AMAZING. 

What hair trends are you loving right now?

I’m loving that vibrant hair has become so much more popular! People are definitely wanting to try different things and express themselves through their hair. I also love split fringes and half/half hair, it’s so bold and striking.

See more of Tamara's work at @tamaraleighhairartistry

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