Australian Icons Series: Tarryn Cherniayeff's Pinnacles Desert Inspired Hair Look

Artist: Tarryn Cherniayeff | Model: Bronte Lee

The natural world has always been a great inspiration to artists and at Pulp Riot Australia, that's what hairdressers are. The artist. We challenged eight Pulp Riot Artists to create hair art inspired by Australian landscapes. The art they have produced has been drawn from unique landscapes across Australia and brought to life by the full range of Pulp Riot Colour. From our Direct Dyes, to our permanent hair colour #Faction8, and the new Liquid Demi range.

Today we're taking you to Western Australia's Pinnacles Desert. Across 17,487 hectares, there a thousands of weathered limestone pillars combined with endless warm yellow sand. Continue reading to see how Tarryn brought this landscape to life through hair colour.

Tell us about yourself, career and professional interests.

I am the owner and creator of MOB HAIR in Bondi. I decided to open up my own space after working in the industry at that point for 12 years. I started my apprenticeship at the age of 14 and quickly fell in love with the art of it. My preferred client would be of the blonde category although I do enjoy every aspect of hair. I would say majority of my column is filled with blondes and balayage.

How did you feel about the creative approach to hair colour based on a landmark? More specifically Pinnacles Desert in WA?

I loved it! It was totally up my ally. Although I've never been there myself, since doing research it has gone to the top of the travel list.


Tell us about your hair colouring approach to the look and your vision for it. Please provide as much detail on formulation and technique.

I hadn’t heard of Pinnacles Desert prior to this so I did a bit of research and immediately fell in love with the landscape. I knew straight away what I wanted my end result to be. I know Bronte's hair like the back of my hand so I knew exactly how I wanted to get her hair there. We had previously been doing balayage with a few face frame baby lights, so I had a large area I needed to lighten.

I started with a full head of medium weave foils using Lightener and 20vol for the back and 30vol for the front. Once I reached a clean level 9, we rinsed and I applied basin balayage over a phase 2 bonder with Lightener and 40vol. This was left on for approximately 6 mins just to shift the old blonde up. I then shampooed and towel dried and went in with my root stretch and toners with the new liquid demis:

  • Root ¾ 7-00 + ¼ 6-03
  • Hair line equal parts 9-0 + 9-3 + 0-0
  • Ends equal parts 9-03 + 9-2 + 0-0


Tell us about your client that you picked for this hair look? Why did you choose her? How did she feel about the hair look?

Bronte is a long term client of mine and she was the first person I thought of. She was originally used in the creative brief I was sent so I thought YES she’s perfect. Not only did she need a lot of work done as it had been a while since I'd seen her, it's coming into summer so I thought we could really push it further and lighten her up a lot. She text me afterwards saying its her favourite hair we have created thus far which is a reminder to me to really have that conversation about changing up the look with every client.

What do you love most about Pulp Riot products?

I would say the no-lift liquid demis in particular as they are really easy to use. I do a lot of root stretching and shadowing - it's all about the consistency of the product that gives you a seamless finish and it does just that. Not to mention the undeniable shine.

What Pulp Riot shade and colour family would you love to colour with next?

I would love to step out of my comfort zone a little and play around with some of the more bolder tones. I think pastels are making a comeback thanks to instagram filters which is amazing. It gives people the confidence to try something they probably have thought about before, but never really acted on. That excites me because the colour range Pulp Riot have for those are insane.

What hair trends are you loving right now?

I'm loving natural curls and textures. I'm also loving how much everyone wants to look after their hair. Gone are the days of bleaching it to no end. Everyone wants that shine and health and that makes me soooo happy. Hopefully that’s not a trend!

See more of Tarryn's work at @tarryncherniayeff

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