Pulp Riot Lightening System gives artists the tools they need to lift hair without compromise.  

Our Lightener is the first and only lightener that’s superior for in foil, on scalp and hair painting techniques.  Infused with quinoa, a gluten-free seed with both mild bonding properties, allows you to achieve 9+ levels of lift without compromise.

  • Benefits

      #blondeAF Lightener lifts 9+ levels
      On scalp, in foil, hair painting techniques
      Quinoa = mild bonding properties
      Vegan and animal cruelty-free


  • How do I use pulp riot lightener?

    Pulp Riot Lightener can be used 3 ways; on scalp, in foil, or hand painting.

  • What's the mixing ratio?

    1:1.5 Lightener to Developer. For thicker consistency mix 1:1 and for a thinner consistency mix 1:2.

  • Will the lightener swell in foils or when left in the colour bowl?

    Our Lightener is designed to stay true to the mixed consistency and does not expand in foil. On scalp with the heat from the head, it may swell/expand slightly.

  • Do I have to use the pulp riot developers with the pulp riot lightener?

    They are designed to be used together for maximum results.

  • Why is the lightener blue?

    Pulp Riot Lightener's blue colour has slight toning properties and helps during the lifting process.

  • Can the lightener be used with bond builders?

    Yes, our Lightener plays well with all bond builders. Please note, this can change the speed at which it will process.

  • Can I add clay additives to the lightener?

    Yes, you can add clay additives to the Lightener.

  • Can I apply pulp riot lightener at the same time as my pulp riot semi-permanent colours?

    No. We suggest doing all of your lightening first and thoroughly cleansing and rinsing the hair (no conditioner) before applying Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent colour. Lightener can eat away at the colour molecules for Semi-Permanent colours, causing uneven colour results.

  • What other benefits does the lightener offer?

    Our Lightener is formulated with quinoa, which adds mild bonding properties and helps to leave the hair in good condition. This will aid you in lifting the hair quickly without all of the compromise.



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