Clay Lightener

Pulp Riot Lightening System gives artists the tools they need to lift hair without compromise.  

Pulp Riot Clay Lightener is perfect for balayage enthusiasts and designed with the artist in mind. Contains a kaolin clay that gives expert control with non-drying precision and no transfer.  Contains quinoa, which is a gluten-free seed with mild bonding properties allowing you to lift 7+ levels without compromise.  This is a Clay Lightener that actually lifts!

  • Benefits

      Clay Lightener lifts 7+ levels
      Kaolin clay creates shell for no transfer
      Quinoa = mild bonding properties
      Mix with #blondeAF Lightener for additional lift
      Vegan and animal cruelty-free


  • How do I use pulp riot clay lightener?

    Clay Lightener is perfect for balayage hair painting artists. In a non-metallic bowl, mix 1-part Clay Lightener with 2 parts Pulp Riot Developer. For a thicker consistency mix 1:1 and for a thinner consistency mix 1:2. Paint on the hair using a sweeping motion. Process Clay Lightener at room temperature for up to 1 hour.

  • What type of clay is used in the clay lightener and is it gritty?

    Pulp Riot Clay Lightener is formulated with a mineral clay called Kaolin. This clay coats and encapsulates the hair, forming an outer shell that doesn't completely dry out or flake. It's not gritty at all. In fact, the smooth consistency of the mixture and shell formed allows for balayage hair painting without the worry of transfer, swelling, or bleeding. That means you have complete control over where it goes without the worry of lightener getting on any areas you don't want it to.

  • Can I use on scalp or in foils?

    No foil, plastic, or heat is necessary. Not recommended for on scalp applications, instead reach for Pulp Riot Lightener.

  • Do I have to use the pulp riot clay lightener with the pulp riot developers?

    They're designed to be used together for best consistency and maximum results. Clay Lightener can be paired with all of the Pulp Riot Developers; 6, 10, 20, 30, and 40. For maximum lift use 30 or 40 volume.

  • Can the clay lightener be used with bond builders?

    Yes, our Clay Lightener plays well with all bond builders. Please note, this can • change the speed · at which it will process.

  • Can I apply pulp riot clay lightener at the same time as my pulp riot semi-permanent colour?

    No. We suggest doing all of your lightening first and thoroughly cleansing and rinsing the hair (no conditioner) before applying Pulp Riot Semi-Permanent colour. Lightener can eat away at the colour molecules for Semi-Permanent colours, causing uneven colour results.

  • What's the difference between clay lightener and pulp riot lightener?

    The key difference between Clay Lightener and Pulp Riot Lightener is the Kaolin clay that's in Clay Lightener. Our Clay Lightener's formula and creamy consistency make it the perfect lightener for balayage artists. You can use our original Lightener for on scalp, in foil, and hair painting techniques, but you'll find that our Clay Lightener is your go to choice for balayage.

  • What other benefits does the clay lightener offer?

    Clay Lightener is enriched with quinoa, argan oil, and safflower oils, all of which contribute to. giving the hair condition, elasticity, and lustre. Our Clay Lightener also contains a seaweed extract for added moisture retention, silkiness, and assists in protecting the integrity of the hair.



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