Cream Bleach

Pulp Riot Lightening System gives artists the tools they need to lift hair without compromise.

Pulp Riot Cream Bleach is a cream-based bleach infused with quinoa andarginine (an amino acid) that offers 9+ levels of lightening. The creamy consistency provides easy mixing and application both on and off scalp lightening. Great for fine hairs around the hairline, quick highlight applications and root touch up without passing the line of demarcation.
  • Benefits

      No oily residue and doesn't dry out
      Can be applied with a tint bottle or bowl and brush
      A gentler approach on scalp for sensitive clients
      Easy mixing and application with predictable results
      Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free


  • How do I use Pulp Riot Cream Bleach?

    Pulp Riot Cream Bleach can be used 4 ways:
    On scalp, hand painting, in foils, targeted lightening

  • What’s the mixing ratio?

    1:1.5 Cream Bleach to Developer. For a thicker consistency mix 1:1, and for a thinner consistency mix 1:2.

  • Will Cream Bleach swell in foils or when left in the colour bowl?

    Pulp Riot Cream Bleach is designed to stay true to the mixed, creamy consistency and does not expand in foil. On scalp with the heat from the head, it may swell/expand slightly.

  • Do I have to use the Pulp Riot developers with Cream Bleach?

    They are designed to be used together for maximum results.

  • Why is the lightener white?

    The white colour of Cream Bleach makes visible placement easier.

  • Can Cream Bleach be used with bond builders?

    Yes, Pulp Riot Cream Bleach plays well with all bond builders. Please note, this can change the speed at which it will process.

  • Can I add clay additives to cream bleach?

    Yes, you can add clay additives to our Cream Bleach.



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