Liquid Demi Permanent Colour

Ditch dryness with unmatched hydration, leaving hair with rich luster and frizz-free shine.

Our new demi-permanent colour line has a unique creamy liquid consistency which is perfect for today’s colouring techniques. Similar to our Faction 8 permanent colour line, our demi line is a cool based colour line when it comes to its naturals, ashes, violets and browns, and it provides warmth when you want it with the golds, reds and coppers. 

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  • Benefits

      No lift, ammonia free, liquid demi-permanent colour with our signature complex of Quinoa, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary, Avocado Oil and Sunflower Oil provides conditioned results, radiant shine and translucent reflection.
      The consistency is designed intentionally for today’s modern techniques, allowing total artist control from seamless blends to quick gloss applications.
      High shine and radiance (on which other demis often fall short).
      Healthy results with 98.4% of users saying their hair felt more conditioned.
      Colour refreshing without breaking the base.
      Translucent reflection.


  • What is it?

    Pulp Riot Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour is an innovative no-lift, ammonia-free colour line. Formulated with our signature complex of Quinoa, Vitamin E, Grapeseed Oil, Rosemary, Avocado Oil, and Sunflower Oil to help provide conditioned results, radiant shine, and translucent reflection.

  • Does it have any special features or benefits?

    Our Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour Line features a unique, creamy texture which is ideal for today's modern colouring techniques. This consistency is perfect for achieving seamless colour blending, and 'stay put' shadow rooting. Use on its own or as a support tool for our FACTION8 Permanent Colour Line.

  • How do I use it?

    In a non-metallic bowl or applicator bottle, mix 1-part Liquid Demi to 1-part Liquid Demi Developer*. Apply to damp or dry hair. Process for 20 minutes, without heat. Process under 20 minutes for softer colour deposit, without heat.
    Pro Tip: For grey blending, process up to 40 minutes.
    *For use only with our specifically formulated Demi-Permanent Developer.

  • Is it the same leveubase numbering system as factions?

    Yes. The numbering system matches the FACTIONS Permanent Colour Line, making it easy to use and the optimal colour-support tool.

  • How do I use clear (0-0)?

    Clear can be used to dilute any of our Demi-Permanent colours (including boosters), or. used on its own to create extra shine. When using Clear, the same mixing ratio (1 :1) applies, with our specifically formulated Liquid Demi Developer.

  • Will it 'bump' my natural hair colour?

    No. Our Demi-Permanent Liquid Colour is an acidic, no-lift formulation. It will not shift your natural hair colour.

  • Is it vegan and animal cruelty-free?

    Yes. All Pulp Riot products have been, and will continue to be vegan, and not tested on animals.



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