Semi-Permanent Colour

‘You are the artist, hair is the canvas, PulpRiot is the paint, create your masterpiece.’

Pulp Riot’s Semi-Permanent colour line stands out for its creamy consistency and conditioner-based formula.  Part of the conditioning base is quinoa, which is a gluten-free seed containing both protein and moisture.  

Pulp Riot colours are easier to apply, more vibrant, last longer, and fade better. Vegan, animal cruelty-free and free from ammonia, MEA, and parabens.

  • Benefits

      Easier to apply
      16+ semi-permanent colours, including Clear for pastelisation
      Highly pigmented for vibrant results
      Fades evenly and true to tone
      Incredible conditioning shine
      Deeper tones can last up to 40 washes, lighter tones can last up to 20 washes
      Easier to remove, particularly with Pulp Riot’s Blank Canvas
      Signature fragrance


  • How do I use pulp riot semi-permanent colour?

    Apply to clean, dry hair. Leave on for 25-40 min. At room temperature. No developer, use straight out of the tube. Rinse thoroughly without shampooing.

  • Can pulp riot semi-permanent colours be mixed together?

    Yes, pulp riot semi-permanent colours can all be mixed with each other to create custom colours. You are the artist.

  • What else should I consider?

    Pulp riot semi-permanent colours are most vibrant on pre-lightened hair. Any residue left in the hair can undermine colour results, so make sure to shampoo lightener and toners out completely with no conditioner.

  • How do you use the colour “clear”?

    Clear can be used two ways: to dilute the colours to make them lighter or more pastel, or by itself to add shine.

  • How long does the colour last?

    We like to think of it as, “how long does the colour fade”, because it’s designed to fade. Each colour goes through a vibrant period and then gradually fades away into lighter pastel versions of themselves. For most people, the deeper tones will fade beautifully over 40 washes, and the lighter tones will fade over 20 washes until the colour is fully out. The beautiful fade is where pulp riot truly excels. The colours fade true to tone; I.E. Our pinks won’t fade salmon, and our blues won’t fade to a muddy green. Pulp riot lasts longer. Why? Because we use superior quality dyes. When formulating colour there are thousands of dyes to choose from, and we did not skimp or cut corners, whatsoever. Also, the colour consistency makes it easier to saturate the hair completely.

  • Does pulp riot semi-permanent colours bleed?

    Pulp riot semi-permanent colours don’t bleed like other colour lines. You can see on our instagram feed, thousands of different photos where one colour is placed next to another colour without any bleeding. When high contrasting colours are next to each, to avoid bleeding while rinsing, hold the lighter pieces out of the shampoo bowl until all of the darker colour is rinsed. Noir is our most pigmented colour. Care should be taken when placing it directly next to a lighter colour to minimize the chance of bleeding.

  • Will the colour stain my skin, sink, floor, clothing, furniture, etc?

    Care should be used to make sure the colour doesn’t get on other items. We recommend using gloves, using protective barrier cream around the hairline, and rinsing the colour out of the hair in a salon shampoo bowl.

  • Is pulp riot tested on animals?

    Never. Pulp riot is vegan, gluten-free, ammonia-free, paraben-free, and doesn’t contain MEA.



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